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Digital Signature

Digitally sign any document quickly and with maximum safety and legal value!

Make partnerships with individuals, professionals, businesses and PA easier and quicker, avoid printing physical documents and shipments through traditional post offices, save space and time!

The Digital Signature is the electronic equivalent of a traditional handwritten signature affixed on paper.

It is the result of a computer procedure that guarantees electronic documents the following properties:


It guarantees the identity of the signee of the document


It ensures that the document has not been altered after being digitally signed

Non repudiation

It gives full legal validity to the document, so the document cannot be repudiated by the signee

The Digital Signature is provided by Zucchetti as a Qualified Trustworthy Services Provider in compliance with 910/2014 eIDAS UE regulations.
This ensures your Zucchetti digital signature will have full legal value in every country of the European Union.

How to generate a digital signature?

To generate a digital signature it is necessary to use a pair of asymmetric digital keys uniquely attributed to an individual, called the owner. The private key is known only to the owner and is used to generate the digital signature to be affixed to the document. Conversely, the public key is used by anyone who needs to verify the authenticity of the signature. This method is known as double key encryption and ensures complete security since the public key cannot be used to reconstruct the private key. Asymmetric digital keys can be issued only by an ‘Issuing Certification Body’ which guarantees the identity of the signee and must create a Digital Certificate to prove the ownership of public key.

The digital certificate can be contained in a signature device (smart card or USB key) or stored on servers Entity Certifier and recalled by the owner by means of specific software tools ( remote signature). Both methods allow the "private", unique and secret encryption key to be used to affix the digital signature; the related "public" key, on the other hand, made available online by the issuing Certification Body, allows any subsequent verification.

The digital signature can be affixed to any electronic document!

Discover Zucchetti's digital signature types:

Business Key

It allows you to digitally sign an electronic document from any computer with a USB port. So you can always have on hand your digital signature device, usable with no need to install any hardware or software. Please note that the use of personal pin code is necessary to ensure safety in case of loss or theft.

Firma Digitale Remota

It allows you to digitally sign all electronic documents online, without the need to install dedicated hardware. It works in conjunction with the software FirmaCheck Zucchetti Certifica.
Your digital signature certificate is securely hosted in the Zucchetti Datacenter, this eliminates the risk of losing the signature support, while access by personal password combination and OTP sent via SMS on your mobile phone or via notification on the App.

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